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About Petrichor Unroasted
Coffee Beans

mastering the art of coffee

Our Story

About our unroasted coffee beans

Our unroasted coffee beans are curated by altitude, varietal and soil. The goal is to sell fresh crops each season, to support sustainable practices and the coffee farmers who grow the beans.

About Petrichor Unroasted Coffee Beans

Started by a couple of coffee-loving love birds. The home-roast lifestyle is an art we bonded over and cultivated for years before we decided to start sharing our tastes and style. To drink stale coffee is a sad thing, but that’s what most people do. When you have the luxury of options, it’s best to drink from freshly roasted beans. So we are Step One in your journey to having the best cup of your life, every day. Our passion for the craft is what got us started and the pleasure of knowing our customers are enjoying our green coffee beans is what keeps us expanding our selection, improving and sharing.

Why roast your own coffee?

The key component to a truly great cup, which is the only way to experience the true health, medicinal effects of coffee, is to drink it fresh. Fresh, meaning roasted within the last 24 hours.

Debunking the degas

As the gas leaves the bean, 40% leaves within 24 hours. It takes a total of 7 days to leave the freshly roasted coffee bean. After that 7 days, the bean begins the oxidation process. Freshness is a flavor, so in those first few days, the coffee is the most active and alive. You get so much more flavor and energy from the coffee. A full bodied experience.

What other gasses are leaving with the c02 in this suggested “de-gas” time?

How soon should I drink the coffee after roasting?

Cupping a fresh roast should ideally be done between 8 and 24 hours. At the very latest, within 7 days from roasting. is our charity of choice

Giving Back to the Environment

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Our Mission

Our Vision

To educate and provide the tools for coffee lovers to master the art of micro-roasting and pleasure of a truly personalized cup.

Mission Statement

To proliferate high quality unroasted coffee beans throughout the world, to inspire and educate people how to roast their own, to support sustainable growing practices and the coffee farmers themselves.

Our Values

Sustainable practices, supporting our coffee farmers and curating the best green coffee beans ever.


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1234 Divi St. San Francisco, CA 93145

petrichor unroasted

From classically soft Brazilian to punchy crisp Ethiopian and sweet, earthy, smoky Guatemalan, Petrichor, which means "the pleasant earthy scent created when rain falls on dry soil", curates and sells high-quality unroasted green coffee beans for those who like to roast their own.


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